Update - Added music. Rebalanced game difficulty curve. Small graphics tweaks.


This is a small shooter game I've been working on for the past couple days. I plan to keep updating this page as I work on it.

[Space] or [Enter] to select in menus. Other controls:

    W,A,S,D - Move

    Left Mouse - Shoot

    Right Mouse - Warp

There are a few placeholder things in here right now.  I'll be adding more content as I go. 

The best way to play is running the game locally through Windows. This will let you run in Full Screen and also allow the warp function to properly swap places with your cursor, which I haven't figured out how to do in the HTML5 port yet... if anyone knows an easy way to do that using Game Maker Studio let me know!

Thanks for looking.

Published Nov 19, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreAction, Shooter


JAS- 13 MB

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